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The Swearing in of the Executives 2013/2016

Our Children

Ati Annang Canada was inaugurated in Toronto on August 24, 2013.


(1)To mobilize every member, promote love, justice and progress as essential elements for the development of members and community in pursuit of meaningful unity. 

(2)To encourage continuous education, advancement and strategic placement of members of Annang Nation in the ethno International power setting, while sustaining our rich cultural heritage. 

(3)To recognize and honour persons who have distinguished themselves in their contributions in the society.


Chairman                      Mr. Patrick Etokudo

Vice Chairman               Mr. Ernest Effiong

Secretary                       Mrs. Ini Erivwo

Assistant Secretary        Mr. Sebastian Idiong 

Treasurer                       Mrs Ekaete Rocha

Financial Secretary        Mrs Victoria Inyangotu

Public Relations Officer Mr.  Innih Udokang

Organizing Secretary    Mr. Utip Ebong